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Everything You Want To Know About Pink Diamonds

Fancy intense, fancy deep, fancy vivid, fancy light – pink diamonds rank up there with some of the prettiest and most gorgeous of all the diamond colors. If you are reading this and are planning a big proposal, you may want to continue reading, because not only are pink diamonds the ultimate stone to propose with – they are also the best investment. That’s right, these beautiful pink stones will get you the best bang for your buck when it comes to investing in diamonds. Not only that, but pink diamonds have a fanciful past and history. Here is everything you want to know about pink diamonds.


Pink Diamonds Are An Excellent Investment

Right now, pink diamonds are 50 times more valuable than white diamonds. That’s right, 50. The best part of this equation is that they have been rising in value every single year for a while now. This is why the super rich are pouring their money into pink diamonds, because they know that if the economy crashes, they can always rely on their little pink investments. Of course, if you’re right about to propose, you don’t want to think about selling it one day, but it’s important to consider a diamonds appreciation value.


Pink Diamonds Are Found All Over The World

Indeed, these diamonds are found deep in the earth’s crust all over the world: Brazil, Russia, Siberia, South Africa and even Canada. However, the most gorgeous and coveted of them all come from the Argyle Mine in Australia. These diamonds can range between a few hundred thousand dollars a carat to millions. The reason for the big price tag is because of the purity and the saturation of the pink hue in the diamonds and the rarity of that saturation compared to other pink diamonds in the world.


Pink Diamonds Are Naturally Colored But Its Still A Mystery

Pink diamonds don’t get their pink from chemical infusions or injections. The pink color is completely organic. Of course, other diamonds get their colors from naturally occurring compounds that infiltrate the crystal lattice as the diamond is forming. For instance, boron may turn a diamond blue over billions of years. However, specialists really have no idea why these diamonds emit a pink hue. It could be slight, invisible mutations in the gemstone that cause it to reflect light differently, but the jury is still out.


Pink Diamonds Have A Grand History

The biggest pink diamond ever found was a whopping 186 carats. Called the Daria-i-Noor, this massive table cut pink diamond was the biggest ever found and the most valuable. It was eventually cut down and worn by many kings and other royals within the Persian monarchy. The next biggest pink diamond to be found is the Steinmetz Pink, which weighed in at 59.60 carats. It was found in Southern Africa and is estimated to be worth around 90 million dollars. In the end, if you want a glamorous, beautiful engagement ring, you may want to think about investing in a pink diamond.

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