Everything You Wanted To Know About Gemologists

Most people working at jeweler stores – or at least most people that own jewelry stores – are experts when it comes to rare gems and diamonds. Of course, the correct nomenclature is gemologist. Gemologists have some of the most interesting jobs and it doesn’t always involve trying to get a new diamond engagement ring on your finger. It also includes sourcing, researching, and discovering new trends in the gemology industry. Here is everything you wanted to know about gemologists.


What They Do

A gemologist does everything from working with diamond engagement ring wholesalers to fill their racks with the newest selections and seasonal items according to the trends, to working with suppliers and cutters and finding the best gems for their clients. In the diamond industry, gemologists may work with diamond wholesalers to find lose diamonds. The gemologist then may work with a client to design a wedding ring. Indeed, there are many facets to a gemologist’s job.


How They Got Their Job

A gemologist must go to school to become a gemologist and he or she must be certified. There is a lot to learn about gems and stones. This is important for day-to-day operations and handling of gems, but also for the sake of being able to offer quality advice to customers and clients. In order to start working in the industry, gemologists must be GIA certified and registered. GIA is the golden standard in the gemology industry. The GIA, or Gemological Institute of America, is a school in and of itself to learn about rare gems and jewels.


A Normal Day

For gemologists, their job really ranges on a day-to-day basis.  On some days, they may be dealing with more clients and client requests. On other days, the job may be more about dealing with the behind the scenes stuff, like working with cutters, calling cutter and maybe even squabbling with cutters to make sure you get what you want. Of course, gemologists also look at a lot of stones – you may have a loupe around your neck for most of your career, especially if you work closely with diamonds.


Gemologists Have A Cool Job

There are a number of reasons why gemologists have one of the coolest jobs. For one thing, they get to learn about gems everyday and there will always be new things to discover. In some jobs, most things become old hat and you may get bored. Gemologists rarely get bored. Another great part about the career of a gemologist is they enjoy working with customers and clients on finding the best gems and diamonds. In the end, purchasing a rare gem or diamond is a big important purchase, so a gemologist has to be kind, nurturing and patient all along the way.

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