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Everything You Wanted To Know About Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

If you are planning a big proposal, but have no idea what direction to go in when it comes to rings, you may want to think about halos. When most people think about halos, they think of angels and those bright glowing circles. The same concept applies to engagement rings with halos. Basically, a halo ring is a diamond ring with one central diamond and then a halo of smaller diamonds. It adds a design element and a little bling to make the center diamond really pop. Here is everything you want to know about halo engagement rings.


Halo Engagement Rings Can Really Range In Price

Depending on your budget, you could be spending a lot or a moderate amount for a diamond engagement ring with a halo. It all depends on the carat, cut, clarity and the number of diamonds. The higher the carat for the diamonds set in the halo, you could be spending even more. This is definitely something to consider when shopping for a halo engagement ring.


You Have A Lot Of Flexibility If You Decide To Go Custom

If you are looking for custom halo engagement rings, you really have a lot of options. If you are the type of person that likes to get creative, a halo style ring may be the perfect ring to collaborate with a jeweler on. You could wrap diamonds around the whole band, or you could keep the main stone small and go for even smaller pave set diamonds for your halo. It all depends on how big you want to go.


Halos Can Spice Up A Simple Solitaire Ring

If you are thinking that a simple solitaire ring is, well, a little too simple, you may want to think about focusing your energy on searching for a ring with a halo. Indeed, a halo of pave set diamonds can really liven up a simple, boring solitaire ring. If you really want to make a classy statement when you propose to your special someone, going halo is always a good choice. It says so much more than a simple stone on a thin band, but remember there is nothing wrong with understated – it’s just not for everyone.


The More Diamonds, The Higher The Chance For Loss

Of course, when you are considering purchasing a diamond ring, you have to think about loss and image. If you are going with a halo diamond ring, you have to imagine that your chances of loss and damage become even greater. Sure, no matter what type of ring you have, you must take care of it and protect it, but the more diamonds you have, the more protective you need to be. If you are a more carefree person, you may want to go for a more carefree diamond ring.


They Look Good With Pretty Much Any Hand

Perhaps the greatest thing about halo engagement rings is that they look good with any type of hand – big or small, wide fingers or skinny fingers. This is because rings with diamond halos flatter the hand – they won’t make your hand look distorted or like the ring doesn’t fit. If you wear other jewelry, it will compliment your other pieces too. In the end, this is a great reason to go with a halo style ring if you are having trouble deciding.

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