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Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings: Everything You Need To Know

Searching for the perfect diamond color can be a little bit daunting, because how do you know what color is the most, well, you. The last thing you want is to get a diamond engagement ring that is the wrong color – maybe it looks off, or maybe the color isn’t appealing to you. If you have been paying attention to diamond trends, you may have noticed that yellow diamond engagement rings are becoming quite popular. Out of all the fancy diamond colors, yellow is definitely one of the most glamorous and radiant. Here is everything you need to know about yellow diamond engagement rings.


Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings Are Scoring Big At Auctions

Over the past few years, yellow diamonds have been scoring really high at auction houses. This should be good news, because investing in a yellow diamond may be a good bet – there will always be a buyer to take it off your hands. A few years ago, a 32.77 carat fancy yellow sold for close to seven millions dollars at auction. And just recently, the “Sun Drop” diamond – a whopping 110.03-carat fancy yellow diamond – sold for 11.3 million, which broke the record.


The Yellow Color Comes From A Unique Chemical Reaction

As you may know, diamonds are formed through a multi-million year process. During that process, a diamond may get a unique color as a result of unusual deviations in its molecular structure. A natural yellow diamond is not color treated and there is no inorganic process that causes the hue. Indeed, the yellow is completely natural and comes from the presence of nitrogen in the earth where the diamond was formed.


It Is Important To Know Some Of The Grading Lingo

Fancy yellow diamonds are graded in multiple ways depending on the depth of yellow and inclusions. There is Fancy Yellow Light, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow, Fancy Dark Yellow, and Fancy Vivid Yellow. It is important to pay attention and know all the grading options, because your budget may determine how deep or brilliant a yellow hue you can go. Also, if you have a specific hue that you want, you may want to hold out until you find it.


Yellow Diamonds Look Great With Smaller Colorless Diamonds

If you are designing a diamond engagement ring, you may be thinking of a yellow diamond as your primary stone. However, if you want to make the ring even more magical, yellow diamonds look fantastic with smaller colorless diamonds. Combing these types of diamonds will definitely give your diamond engagement ring that pop, or bling factor you are looking for.

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