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Enough About Rings For Women, Here Are The Top 6 Ring Designs For Men

In most of our posts we talk about rings for women, but what about all the guys out there? Enough about women’s engagement rings, there are actually a lot of amazing wedding band designs out there for all the men, but they never get their due credit. Indeed, men want something a little different in a ring. They don’t necessarily care about having the biggest rock – they care about the design, the sophistication and the bling. Right now, there are some really great trends hitting the men’s wedding band circuit. Here are five of the most popular wedding band designs for men.


White Gold Horizon Ring

The white gold horizon ring is a beautiful example of mixing understated precious metal with a hint of bling. The White Gold Horizon ring is a simple band of white gold with just a sliver of diamond, so you get a masculine look with just a little touch of sparkle.


Square Edge Wedding Band

Square edge is really becoming popular in the wedding band circuit. Not only are square edges beautiful and modern, they also fit more snugly without cutting off circulation. Some wedding bands can be a little tight – even if you have the right size. You can go for yellow gold, white gold or even platinum. The best part about the square edge is that you have a lot of different options.


Love Collection Diamond Wedding Band

The Love Collection diamond wedding band mixes a beautiful white gold with a simple banner of diamonds and two gemstones. If you want a little more bling, this is definitely the ring for you. This is for all those guys out there who want everyone to know that he’s taken. Of course, this wedding band can get a little pricey depending on what type of diamonds you use, but you can always customize things based on your budget.

Wood Grained Wedding Band

Another fun trend in the wedding band market is wood grain. With any precious metal, you could customize your ring to have a really unique wood grain that gives your precious metal wedding band a more earthy, woodsy and contemporary feel. Just like the square edge wedding band, you can have your ring made out of a variety of different metals – it is all about your personal preference. With all the talk about rings for women, you should at least have your say about the wedding band you’ll be wearing for all eternity.  


Rose Gold Matte Ring

On top of everything, you may want to go for a toned down, matte look in rose gold. Rose gold is an understated precious metal that says “I like flash, but I don’t need to show it.” It’s the perfect precious metal for a man that likes subtlety in his bling. In the end, you could give the ring a brushed matte look to tone down the shine for a really classy look that is so you. Plus, you can find rings for women with a brushed rose gold matte as well so that your rings are matching.

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