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So You Have The Engagement Ring, But What About The Wedding Bands?

Once you’ve decided it’s time to get married and announced your engagement to all of your family and friends, there’s a whole slew of questions for which you will need to find answers. For starters, you probably have an engagement ring, but what about the wedding bands? Depending on the couple, picking out the wedding bands can be a very fun part of the process, or it can be relatively difficult. Are you the type of couple with highly compatible personality types, or is it more of an opposites attract type of situation? Knowing this is an important part of figuring out how to set about finding the perfect wedding bands.


To Match Or Not To Match

The first question is whether or not you want your wedding bands to match in any way. One of the great things about having both an engagement ring and a wedding band is that you get one ring that’s especially for you, and one ring that represents the special bond between you and your spouse. Some couples prefer to find a way to make their wedding bands match, while others prefer to simply unify the rings with some kind of engraving or inscription. If you and your fiancé are having a hard time agreeing on how your wedding bands should look, then it’s probably better to just go ahead and each do your own thing.


If You Do Decide To Match Your Wedding Bands

If you do decide to go with matching wedding bands, then there are a lot of fun ways that you can play with your masculine and feminine variations. For example, you will probably both want the same color gold, but some men like to make their band a two-tone ring, since their bands are usually much wider. There are other things that might differ due to the difference in width. For example, most men don’t prefer a center stone in their wedding bands, but a thin ring of channel set diamonds or just a few, randomly placed small diamonds can work on a masculine ring. You can also play with things like texture and shape. Some men like to have a brushed texture on their ring, and some even prefer to have a more square shape to their band.


If You Decide Not to Match

If you decide that you don’t want to try and make your wedding bands match, then the sky is really the limit with what you can do. One of the great things about this option is that you can spring for a diamond eternity band and really bring the sparkle. Eternity bands are a great way to exponentially refract light from your center stone for more brilliance and scintillation. Sometimes, the best way to get everything you want is to take full agency in expressing yourself however you want, and doing the same for your spouse.

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