HCA Holloway Cut Advisor

So you have picked a few diamonds but you want to know which one will appear more beautiful. We have a tool that will help you find the best-looking diamond possible. It’s called the Holloway Cut Advisor, or HCA for short. The HCA analyzes the proportions for round brilliant diamonds and estimates its potential fire, scintillation, light return and how large it looks for its weight. After analyzing the proportions the HCA will rank the diamond on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being the best number possible. The number corresponds to a diamond’s cut with 0-2 as excellent, 2-4 as very good, 4-6 as good, 6-8 as fair and 8-10 as poor. Think of the HCA as a second opinion, if both GIA and HCA give a diamond an excellent cut, you can be assured you are getting a great looking diamond.

But you have to exercise some caution. The HCA is a powerful tool but it doesn’t do a few things. It doesn’t take into account polish or symmetry. It is very important that you only compare diamonds that have the same cut, polish and symmetry. For example, if you are considering purchasing one of two 1.00cts and they both have an excellent cut, polish and symmetry and you aren’t sure which one to buy the HCA score may help you decide. But, because HCA doesn’t look at polish and symmetry comparing a diamond with a very good cut, polish and symmetry to one with an excellent cut, polish and symmetry is not a good idea. It is very possible that the diamond with very good cut, polish and symmetry can yield a higher score than the diamond with an excellent cut, polish and symmetry. In reality it will probably not be as beautiful.

If you would like to know more about HCA or would like us to help you find a beautiful diamond with an excellent HCA score, please give us a call.