Diamond Symmetry

A diamond’s symmetry measures how well the facets of the diamond are cut and how well they align with each other. Symmetry is one of the most important factors for a diamond’s brilliance and scintillation. The more symmetrical a diamond is the livelier its appearance will be.

A diamond’s symmetry falls into one of 5 categories.

Excellent – No symmetrical deviations at 10x magnification.

Very Good – Minor symmetrical deviations, which are difficult to see at 10x magnification.

Good – Symmetrical deviations are noticeable at 10x magnification and begin to affect the diamond’s light performance.

Fair – Symmetry deviations are obvious at 10x magnification and noticeably impact a diamond’s brilliance.

Poor – Obvious Symmetrical deviations are noticeable with the naked eye and severely impact the brilliance of a diamond.

At NADB we want to give you the best looking diamond possible so we’ve chosen only to broker diamonds with excellent and very good symmetry. These grades will give you the liveliest and most scintillating diamond possible.