Diamond Shape

Diamond Shape describes the outline of the diamond (pear, square, oval, round, etc.), as it is viewed from above.


round-imgThe Round Brilliant is a classic and is, by far, the most popular shape. It has been around since the 18th century and never goes out of style!


cushion-imgCushion shaped diamonds have a similar brilliance as a round but are cut into a rectangular or square shape, with rounded corners and sides. There are two versions of a cushion. The first is Cushion Brilliant and the second is Cushion Modified Brilliant.


princess-imgPrincess shaped diamonds are square and are the second most popular shape after round diamonds.


oval-imgIf you are looking for a sparkle of sophistication, then you may want to consider an Oval shapeWhether it is a wide or narrow oval, most of the clients who are attracted to this shape love how it flatters the finger by making it seem longer and slimmer.


marquise-imgThe Marquise shape’s French aura comes from its original inspiration: the smile of Marquise de Pompadour. It is narrow and long, and the dramatic pointed ends create the illusion that its size is greater than it is in reality.


pear-imgIf you cannot decide between the oval and the marquise shape, then get the best of both worlds and choose a Pear shaped diamond. This pear, also known as ‘teardrop’, combines the two shapes into an exquisite and unique silhouette.


emerald-imgEmerald shaped diamonds have a certain elegance about them. They are known to be more transparent in appearance than other shapes.


asher-imgThe Asscher shape, also known as, a square emerald cut has cropped corners and is one of the more trendy diamond shapes in today’s market.



Are you looking for a diamond that has an emerald or asscher shape but with more scintillation? Then you may be in search of a Radiant cut diamond. The additional faceting on a radiant cut diamond allows it to sparkle more than an emerald or asscher cut.



The Heart shaped diamond stands for love and romance. It’s the ideal shape for a pendant and reaches the peak of the popularity every year around Valentine’s Day.