Diamond Polish

A diamond’s polish measures how clear and smooth the facets are and is graded at 10x magnification. Think of a diamond’s polish the same way you would the polish on a car. The smoother and more detailed the polish the better it will look in the light.

A diamond’s polish falls into 5 categories and can be described in the following way.

Excellent – No polish detected at 10x magnification.

Very Good – Polish is difficult to see at 10x magnification.

Good – Polish is noticeable at 10x magnification and begins to affect a diamond’s brilliance.

Fair – Defects are obvious at 10x magnification, and may be visible even to the naked eye.

Poor – Prominent polish features in the diamond easily visible to the naked eye.  Diamonds with poor polish will look dull and hazy.

At NADB we want to give you the best looking diamond possible so we’ve chosen only to broker diamonds with excellent and very good polish. Only excellent or very good polish grades will give you the most brilliant looking diamond possible.