Diamond Cut

Deep Cut

A major component that helps determine how beautiful a diamond will look is the cut. The cut grade refers to a diamond’s symmetry, proportions and polish, basically, the diamond’s overall finish. GIA describes a diamond’s finish as: “The quality of the polish and precision of the cut of a fashioned gemstone.”

The closer to perfection these features are, the better the diamond will be able to reflect light back to your eye. The cut grade tells you how much a diamond will sparkle and how bright it will look. If the diamond’s overall finish is not nice, the light entering the diamond cannot refract or reflect as well and in turn will not look as bright as it should.

For instance, if you choose a diamond with a cut grade of Excellent, you will probably notice that it looks more brilliant than diamonds with lower cut grades. Excellent and Very Good cut diamonds have more sparkle, brilliance and scintillation than those with Good, Fair or Poor cut grades. NADB only brokers diamonds with Excellent or Very Good Cut grades to insure that you are happy with your diamond for years to come.