Why Are Diamonds So Expensive, But No Really?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about diamonds – from the truth surrounding the true rarity of these sparkly stones to whether or not they will truly appreciate in value over time. A lot of naysayers claim that diamonds are deemed rarer than they really are to inflate the market. Others say that the diamond market won’t be very significant in the future. This all begs the question: what is the true value of a diamond. The truth is that diamonds are valued not only based on their rarity, but also because of a number of other factors like the bling factor and the quality of the diamond’s cut. Here are some factors to think about the next time you scoff at a diamond’s price.


Diamonds Cutters Require Very Specialized Training 

Diamond cuts are very complicated and take very precise measurements, tools and the skill of a specialist. Because of this hands-on craftsmanship, the cost of a diamond can often rise. It’s the same with many objects that are cut or crafted by hand.


Finding The Right Diamond Can Be Difficult

Another reason why a diamond can be so expensive is because finding the right diamond for you can be difficult. In that sense, diamonds are very rare. In most cases, you aren’t going to walk into a diamond dealer’s shop and purchase the first diamond you see. If you did, could a diamond really be that special? Because of this, the diamond you do choose will have a premium price tag. A cheap diamond would cheapen the entire diamond buying experience.


Not All Diamonds Have The Same Brilliance

Sometimes you will notice a diamond with truly extraordinary brilliance – the bling factor. When this happens, you can assume that you are going to pay a pretty penny for that diamond. This doesn’t have anything to do with rarity – it has everything to do with a diamond’s clarity and the way it was cut. If the diamond is cut correctly, it will sparkle like you’ve never seen before. In essence, you are paying for this brilliant and beautiful sparkle, which is a priceless experience when it’s sitting on your finger.


Diamonds Are Special Luxury Objects

The natural diamond is also rare because it belongs to a special sphere of true luxury. You can’t get a diamond at just any local retail store and not just anyone can afford one. The price of a diamond dictates its place in the world of luxury. If a diamond were cheaper, then the symbolism it holds wouldn’t mean anything. The natural diamond has been symbolic in numerous cultures throughout the ages, so it is important for these stones to be expensive and seemingly unattainable.


A Diamond Will Appreciate In Value

Last, but certainly not least, a diamond has a high price tag, but over time that price tag will keep getting higher and higher – it won’t stay the same. Moreover, it won’t drop in price. Of course, synthetic diamonds will depreciate, but real, authentic diamonds from deep in the earth, could be a nice nest egg one day. In that sense, a diamond is a great investment. In the end, the next time someone says that diamonds aren’t worth anything, you definitely have lots of ammo to prove them wrong.

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