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Diamond Theft Gone Awry

Before you get any big ideas for your next jewelry heist, you might want to read on a little further. This is not so much a “How to” but more of a “How not to” carry out a successful diamond heist. There were no guns, men in masks, scuba diving gear, tunnels into hidden bank vaults or anything remotely resembling what might be considered an organized crime. This diamond theft was more of a disorganized crime.

On the 14th of September, a doctor in Bangkok surgically removed a stolen diamond from inside of a woman. The diamond was ingested by the woman after she and her fiance attended the 56th annual Bangkok Gems and Jewellery Fair.


According to the Bangkok Post, a very happy young couple were searching for the perfect diamond ring for their upcoming wedding day. Surveillance footage shows them in smiley conversation with various sales assistants throughout the fair. At one point the man reaches over the counter to take a closer look at one of the diamonds on display, but his partner disapproves of his choice and places the diamond back on the tray. Or so it appears.


The next piece of surveillance footage shows the sales assistant alerting her co-workers to the fact that the diamond that was returned to the tray is quite obviously a fake. Within seconds, she is chasing the couple out the door and down the street. The Thai couple, identified by authorities as Jiang Zulian, 39, and Hae Ying, 34, then fled the scene in a taxi.


It didn’t take long (thanks to the clear as day surveillance footage) for the fugitives to be tracked down and arrested. Both denied stealing the diamond at first, but eventually the woman confessed to swallowing the diamond whole. An X-Ray scan revealed that it was lodged in her lower intestine.


The 10 million Baht diamond was being waited upon by Police doctors, and after several unsuccessful rounds of laxative treatment, it was concluded that surgery was the only way to retrieve the stone. The surgery took place with the use of a special colonoscopy forcep device, and the diamond was removed in perfect condition. The woman however, was not able to eat or drink for several days. This left her weak and unable to walk. Needless to say, this is the stupidest way to commit diamond theft one could ever imagine.

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