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Why the Diamond Eternity Band is the Perfect Anniversary Gift

Does the term golden anniversary mean anything to you? If you’re a millennial, it might not, but in the old days, every anniversary had a special meaning. The 50th anniversary is the golden anniversary, but by no means should you wait 50 years before gifting your spouse a beautiful piece of gold jewelry. After all, by the tenth anniversary you’re expected to show your love with diamonds. These are old traditions, and there are surely very few couples who follow them each and every year, but it’s always nice if you can make a statement on the major ones. Hitting that five-year mark is notable for a young couple, at which point you should be finding the perfect wooden gift. However, no matter how many years it’s been, you simply can’t argue with a diamond eternity band. Here is why the diamond eternity band is the perfect anniversary gift.


The Symbolism

The wedding ring holds great symbolic value for just about every married couple and it’s not just because it makes a very public statement about your marital status. Couples around the world have worn rings since time immemorial because the circular shape makes a beautiful reference to eternity. Combine the circular shape with the everlasting strength of the diamond, and you have a strong anchor to hold onto whenever your relationship feels like it’s been led astray.


Upgrade Her Wedding Band

These days a lot of couples are choosing to go with a diamond eternity band, rather than the traditionally plain wedding bands of the past. In the past, the idea was that the wedding band shouldn’t draw attention away from the engagement ring. However, with a diamond eternity band, you actually end up with more light refraction on the center stone of the engagement ring, making it sparkle even brighter. 


Create The Perfect Bridal Stack

Nothing could be hotter than ring stacking these days, and the bridal stack is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to wear this fabulous look. It is essentially all about finding the perfect set of wedding bands to accompany her engagement ring. Layering multiple styles of diamond eternity bands in just the right way has become an art, allowing every woman the opportunity to truly customize her ring finger to symbolize the unique nature of her love.

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