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Diamond Appraisers: Why Their Job Is So Important

In the diamond industry, there is a role so essential that without them, all integrity in the industry would be lost. We’re talking about diamond appraisers. Their job seems simple: look at diamonds through a series of instruments and determine the value. However, the job is much more complicated and their purpose is sometimes overlooked. Whether you want to get the most money when selling a diamond, or if you want to make sure you’re not overpaying for a diamond you’re buying, diamond appraisers will have your back. Here are some reasons why diamond appraisers are so important.


Diamond Appraisers Can Spot Fakes

Of course, diamond appraisers can spot a fake diamond from a mile away. In most cases they won’t even need to use a loupe. If you want to avoid purchasing a fake diamond, you definitely want to look for an independent diamond appraiser that can perform a top to bottom assessment of the diamond in question.


They Can Discover Any Kind Of Chemical Treatment

Some diamond wholesalers and even resellers use chemical treatments to fill and hide inclusions. Of course, a diamond with an inclusion is worth less money, but to the naked eye you wouldn’t notice if a chemical compound has been injected. Diamond appraisers use their expert skills to spot these chemical alterations so that you don’t get a raw deal on a diamond.


You Want To Know If A Diamond Has Been Damaged

Another reason why diamond resellers use chemical injections and other cover-ups is because a diamond has been damaged at some point. Although it is rare, diamonds can become damaged. This is knowledge that you want to know if you want a diamond that will retain its value. Plus, if a wholesaler or reseller doesn’t disclose this information, you will want to report them before somebody else gets swindled.


Ascertain Whether A Diamond Matches The Grading Document

Of course, most diamonds match their certified grading document. This certification goes over all the specs of the diamond. However, some retailers may not be as honest and in some cases they will attach the wrong certification to a diamond. This is where a diamond appraiser can come to the rescue. Another way to avoid this from happening is to look for a laser inscription on the diamond. This will include a serial number that should be listed on your certification.


Establish The Quality Of A Diamond’s Cut

On top of everything, diamond appraisers are experts at spotting a good cut and a bad cut. For a diamond to be truly worth something, and to have that magic sparkle, it needs to be cut to mathematical perfection. If it isn’t, it is a lesser diamond. If you are searching for the perfect diamond, diamond appraisers will be your key to purchasing the diamond of your dreams.

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