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The Most Popular Designers Of Engagement Rings For Women

Proposing to your sweetie comes with all kinds of anxieties, and one of the most intense is certainly picking out the perfect ring. You could always pick out the diamond and propose with a solitaire, then pick out the ring together. Or you could grab the bull by the horns and propose with a dazzling stunner that she won’t be able to resist. If you’re not aware of which engagement ring designers are really making waves these days, then you’re going to need to start doing your research. Here are some of the most popular designers of engagement rings for women.


Sylvie Collection

One of the best things about Sylvie Collection is that despite their recent success with dozens of major celebrities wearing their pieces, they remain in reach for a wide range of budgets. This means that you can find engagement ring designs that are classic and sophisticated within your price range. But it also means that your future fiancé will be able to say that she is wearing designer jewelry that is coveted by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.



If your lover tends to be in a New York state of mind, then A. Jaffe is the designer who makes rings for women just like her. There is an elegance to these rings that can only be achieved with a level of craftsmanship that is second to none. In fact, every A. Jaffe ring is the product of 80 hours of master artisan labor. Every prong on each and every diamond is meticulously shaped, along with every other detail of the ring until the materials synchronize perfectly into a dazzling work of art.



Inspired directly from the opposite coast, Tacori is a relatively newer brand that reflects the spirit of California. The beautiful thing about Tacori’s approach to rings for women is that they combine cutting edge technology with master craftsmanship for a result that is truly enchanting. This kind of culmination has the power to make even the most laid back Cali girl feel like a princess.


Michael Beaudry

Michael Beaudry doesn’t just make gorgeous engagement rings for women. He makes remarkable works of wearable art. With an ingenious facility for color and the interaction thereof, he delicately blends and balances a variety of colored stones and metals. The result is always stunning and iconic in its own right. When you look at one of his pieces, you know it’s his right away.


Natalie K

There’s something modern and refined about every Natalie K engagement ring. When it comes to fine diamond jewelry, Natalie K has all the experience to design exquisite engagement rings for women. Combining precious metals and diamond centers, her ring designs make an elegant statement about love and commitment. Whether you are looking for diamond engagement rings or a wedding band, Natalie K will have exactly what you are looking for.

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