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How To Design Matching Wedding Bands

Customization means one of a kind – or two of a kind in the case of wedding bands. If you don’t go custom, there could be a thousand couples out there with the same ring. The truth is that many people stay away from customizing their engagement rings because they believe that it is too expensive or out of their price range. However, customization can be done very affordably and you get a completely unique design to treasure with your new spouse. Plus, it’s fun to design your own wedding bands.


Do Your Research

First and foremost, you want to do your research. In order to design the best wedding bands, you need to have some reference points. This will entail going online, looking in wedding magazines and even asking friends. You want to start by getting a general idea of what kind of ring you want. You can then cut out pictures and add them to a mood board. Or you can keep it all digital and put everything together on Pinterest.


Consider The Diamond

After you do your visual research, you want to find the type of diamond that you want to use. You want to consider the 4Cs: carat weight, color, clarity and cut. There are lots of other ways to educate yourself about your ideal diamond beyond these factors, though too. It will be important to have as much information as possible, because when you are working with a jeweler, he or she will want to know what you are after. A jeweler may also offer some tips based on what you provide in reference images.


Choose A Metal

On top of choosing a diamond for your wedding bands, you also want to choose a metal. Do you want yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, silver or something else entirely. It will be critical to choose the ideal metal, because you want to know how much you are paying and you want to have an idea of what you can do with the metal. Will you brush it, distress it, or keep it polished? Choosing the metal is a critical part of the wedding band design process.


Make Sure Your Know Your Ring Size

Of course, you will also need to know your ring size. Some people know their ring size right off the bat, but other people need to get their finger sized. All you need to do is visit a jewelry store and someone will be able to help fit your finger. You can also order an inexpensive ring sizer online.


Enter Your Specifications

On top of everything, some diamond jewelry stores and websites, like North American Diamond Brokers, have a special section on the site where you can enter all of the above information. You can even enter images. This information will be sent over to the design department to be reviewed. Very shortly, you will receive an email back with some follow up questions. In the end, being able to simplify the matching wedding band design process is crucial.

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