Cushion Brilliant vs. Cushion Modified Brilliant

When shopping for a cushion diamond you need to consider two important factors. The first is to decide whether you want a square or rectangular cushion and choose the appropriate length to width ratio.

The second factor is to determine the kind of faceting arrangement you want for your new cushion. This second factor is a bit tricky because while most customers have a preference as to the overall shape many do not understand the difference between the faceting of cushion brilliants and cushion modified brilliants.

The brilliant cutting style is found in almost every diamond shape and is defined by the arrangement of the facets. Any alteration to the normal arrangement of facets is considered a “modified” brilliant.  While any diamond shape can have a modified brilliant facet arrangement, it is only prevalent in a cushion shape. So if you are considering a cushion cut its important to know the difference.

Cushion Brilliant diamonds have a similar faceting arrangement as round brilliant cut diamonds.  The facets known as “mains” extend from the center of the pavilion out toward the girdle and resemble a star. Cushion brilliants contain larger facets and do not have the “crushed ice” look. Rather they have the same visual appeal as a round brilliant but with a cushion shape.


Cushion Modified Brilliants are a variation on the original cushion brilliant. This cutting style has a extra set of facets all along the pavilion. With this cut neither the main nor lower half facets meet the girdle. The added facets along the pavilion also allow the cutter to save more weight from the original rough, which means this cutting style is less expensive than a traditional cushion brilliant. This cutting style is known for its incredible sparkle sometimes known as the “crushed ice” look.

The In-Betweener – This is also a cushion modified brilliant slightly altered to give you the look of a cushion brilliant and the weight saving cutting techniques of the cushion modified brilliant. In this arrangement, the mains extend to the girdle like the cushion brilliant but have 4 added facets on the pavilion to save weight. The classic look and the savings provided by the cutting techniques makes this one of the most popular cuts on the market.


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