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Citrine & Topaz: The Story Behind November’s Birthstones

If you were born in November, then you’re lucky, because you were born in one of those few months that offer more than one stone to choose from. Indeed, November is the month for citrine and topaz. Of course, you could choose your favorite, or you could wear both. If you know someone special who is a November baby, you could even custom design a jewelry piece that features both stones. After all, both stones are beautiful and complement each other very well. Here’s the story behind each November birthstone.


Citrine, otherwise known as the ‘healing quartz,’ is normally found in Spain, Brazil and Bolivia. Ironically, though, the name comes from the French word ‘citron,’ which means lemon. The Greeks started wearing citrine as a gemstone as early as 300 B.C. This November birthstone stone is found in many shades ranging from a light yellow to a dark brownish orange. It’s not a very expensive stone, in fact, it’s one of the most affordable. Although, the price is much higher one stones that have a medium yellow to orange color. That said, a lot of the citrine you can find on the market these days is heat-treated with amethyst or smoky quartz in order to give it a deeper amber-like color. In regard to its metaphysical properties, those with a predilection for crystals and gemstones claim that citrine is a stone that promotes good health and vitality. Those who wear the stone are said to carry a hopeful and energetic outlook on life. After all, this stone carries the power and symbolism of the sun – so many people find it very warm and comforting.


These days, topaz is known as the November birthstone that is popular for its many beautiful shades of blue. However, this stone comes in a wide spectrum of colors, and throughout antiquity, topaz was the name given to all yellow gemstones. It was often confused with citrine, which is a member of the quartz family, but quartz and topaz are two completely different stones. Although, most people like to wear topaz in its various shades of blue, the most expensive shade you can find is called Imperial Topaz and is named after the Russian Czars of the 19th century. This unique colored stone has a gentle blend of orange and pinkish tones. As for its symbolic properties, topaz is said to release tension and balance emotions, while simultaneously bringing synchronicity and success.

Thus, wearing the both November birthstones simultaneously just might bring you a calm yet elated disposition, and lead to great health and wealth.



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