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How To Choose The Right Metal For Your Wedding Bands

Designing your own engagement ring can be a challenging process, because how do you know if you are choosing the right metal for your wedding bands? Until you see the final product, it can be hard to visualize what something will look like. This is why customization is so tricky. When done right, customization can yield some amazing results, but it is important to have a few pointers so that you don’t go down the wrong design path. Here are some pointers for choosing the right metal for your wedding bands.



Platinum is by far the most precious of all metals when it comes to jewelry. When it comes to a diamond engagement ring, it is the perfect metal, because it has a unique luster that compliments the diamond beautifully. Platinum is also incredibly durable, so if your fiancé likes to go on a morning run, or does anything particularly active, that platinum band is going to be safe. Plus, that platinum sheen won’t go anywhere, so you never have to worry about re-plating.


Yellow Gold

Gold comes in a lot of varieties and types, but yellow gold is one of the most classic and recognizable. For a while, white gold was taking the reins, but yellow gold is coming back into fashion in full force. Yellow gold gets its unique color from the mix of copper and silver, which are used as alloys to strengthen the metal.


White Gold

A nice contemporary option, white gold is a unique metal that a lot of people choose for their wedding bands, especially if you want something with sheen and something that is scratch resistant. White gold is achieved by mixing gold, copper, zinc, and palladium. It is then plated with rhodium, a metal that comes from the platinum group that is exceptionally precious. Over time, white gold can tarnish, so you may have to go in for re-plating every few years.


Rose Gold

This type of gold is warm and rich and is a great option for smaller diamonds. It also has a slightly pink hue that comes from mixing yellow gold and copper alloy. Rose gold is also a great option if you are thinking of setting multiple stones – the color of the metal really allows multiple diamonds and precious stones to stand out, which can maximize the bling factor of any diamond engagement ring.

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