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Champagne Diamonds Have Gone Mainstream

Champagne diamonds just sound fancy – say the word and you are transported to a glamorous time and a glamorous place. Put the word ‘champagne’ next to ‘diamond’ and you have double the fancy. So, it’s no wonder that champagne diamonds would catch up and enter the mainstream. If you are shopping for champagne colored diamonds, here are some aesthetic directions you may want to go in.


A Single Stone On A Solitaire Ring

One of the simplest ways to show off a champagne diamond is on a solitaire ring. You could go small or big – depending on your preference, style and budget. As for the ring, you could go with a number of different metals to really make that champagne diamond pop – it’s all contingent on the saturation and grade of the diamond. If you are designing a custom ring, you want to keep these factors in mind.


A Ring With A Band Of Champagne Diamonds

Another way to go the champagne diamond route is with a band of champagne diamonds. With a band, you want to go for smaller carats – the ring shouldn’t look crowded with diamonds. It should look light, weightless and classy. There are a lot of really great ring designers that make beautiful champagne diamond bands. If you want to go for understated, this is definitely the right direction to go in.


A Ring With Multiple Champagne Asymmetrical Colored Stones

If you are sartorially brave and willing to think outside of the box, you could go the a-symmetrical route with your champagne diamond ring. Three, four, or even five champagne diamonds look great when placed in no particular order or size on a ring. You could even give the diamond settings a halo for that extra bling and sparkle. Of course, the more diamonds you add, the higher your budget will go, but if you want to propose with the ring of her dreams, this might be the smartest avenue to take.


A Single Champagne Diamond And A Halo

If you want to tone it down just a little, you could go for a medium sized champagne diamond and then a simple, understated halo. Halos, as we discussed in another article, are a great way to show off the center diamond on an engagement ring. They also add that extra splash of glamour that can make a diamond ring cause a breakout of jealousy. In the end, you could even go for a double or triple halo to really step things up. With a champagne diamond, a halo ring of white diamonds, or even smaller champagne diamonds, you will really make your proposal a statement of love and affection that she’ll have a hard time saying no to.

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