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Celebrity Jewelry Designers: Who’s Wearing Whom in 2016

We’ve talked a lot about different celebrity jewelry designers, mostly regarding the provenance of their engagement rings, but what about the rest of their jewelry? What about the pieces that they love to wear on the red carpet? These aren’t the jewelry designers that the stars wear on a day-to-day basis. These are the designers that they are lucky enough to borrow pieces from on the nights when they will be photographed the most. These luxury jewelry designers make the legendary pieces that are seen in museums and luxury auctions. Here’s a glimpse into the hottest celebrity jewelry designers of 2016, as spotted on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards.


Harry Winston

Harry Winston is one of those timeless designers that will seemingly always be in fashion. The brand has had such an illustrious history for the better part of the past century, that the name itself connotes wealth and fortune on a monumental scale. It’s for this reason that every celebrity longs to wear a Harry Winston piece at a red carpet event at least once in their lives. Kicking off 2016 at the Golden Globes, Jennifer Lopez wore an awe-inspiring diamond wreath necklace with a total weight of 46.95 carats. Of course, she couldn’t wear that alone, which is why she paired it with a caftan cascading drop diamond necklace that weighed a total of 68.40 carats. In case that wasn’t enough, she decided to go with a dazzling pair of yellow diamond drop earrings, a diamond band ring, a radiant cut yellow diamond ring, and oh yeah, a marquise and round brilliant cut diamond bracelet that was just shy of 60 carats. All in all, J.Lo wore a total of 240 carats worth of Harry Winston diamonds that night. Not even a big deal.

jennifer lopez



Louis-Ulysse Chopard got his start in Switzerland all the way back in 1860, in much the same way as the Bowie family; making fine watches. To this day, they are still known for their watches above all, but they are also known for their fine jewelry and accessories. At this year’s Golden Globe awards, Jennifer Lawrence took our breath away with one of the most astonishing diamond statement necklaces that we have ever seen. This Chopard diamond necklace, from the “High Jewelry Collection,” features a cool 200 carats worth of white diamonds in 18 karat white gold. Just 40 carats short of America’s other favorite Jennifer L. – the poor thing!

jennifer lawrence golden globes 2016


Neil Lane

Ironically, while Neil Lane is definitely the youngest of the designer jewelry brands that we’ve covered so far, the pieces chosen by Kate Winslet for her red carpet appearance are by far the most vintage. Neil Lane is known for his red carpet designs. He’s one of those celebrity jewelry designers who has been cherished for decades by A-list celebrities, and Ms. Winslet is no exception. Kate decided to go with a classic art deco look, which is one of today’s hottest trends in jewelry. She accepted her award for Best Supporting Actress – Drama in a pair of heavy art deco bracelets and a pair of elegant diamond drop chandelier earrings. All in all, it was just the right amount of flash without going overboard.

kate winslet golden globes 2016

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