Five Things You Should Know About Foxfire, A Giant Diamond Found In the Arctic

Just recently, a massive 187.7-carat gem quality diamond was found in the Arctic – in Northern Canada. Named Foxfire, the gem is the largest ever found on North American soil. Currently, the diamond is making the rounds to various diamond shows looking for suitors. That means the company that found it, Rio Tinto, is looking for a buyer. This can be tough, because diamonds this size are worth tens of millions of dollars, and they are truly rare. However, Foxfire is truly rare. Here are five things you should know about Foxfire.

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diamond theft

Diamond Theft Gone Awry

Before you get any big ideas for your next jewelry heist, you might want to read on a little further. This is not so much a “How to” but more of a “How not to” carry out a successful diamond heist. There were no guns, men in masks, scuba diving gear, tunnels into hidden bank vaults or anything remotely resembling what might be considered an organized crime. This diamond theft was more of a disorganized crime.

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diamonds found in angola

Diamond News: 10K Diamonds Found In Angola Mines

Big news in the diamond mining world: Lucara Diamonds, one of the largest diamond mining companies in the world today, are on a fantastic run in 2015. Just last month they reported to have found five massive diamonds weighing in at more than 50 carats each in their Lulo Diamond Concession (or “mine” to the rest of us) in Angola. Now this month, they have just reported to the Australian Stock Exchange a new finding of additional large size, and what they’re calling “special” diamonds, from that very same mine. So far, there have been 10,000 diamonds found in Angola Mines this year.

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jewelry design

Henri Daussi, JCK & Gen-Next Celebrate Rising Designer Talent

Any successful industry is built on collaboration rather than isolation, and nothing demonstrates this better than Henri Daussi, JCK  and Gen-Next coming together to celebrate rising jewelry design talent on the 26th of July.

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Georg Jensen Partners With Gemfields for Ruby, Emerald Collections

Some great news for those of you who love the green and red gemstone variety. Top Danish design house, Georg Jensen, has partnered up with the iconic gemstone miner, Gemfields, on a stunning new collection that features emeralds from Zambia and glistening rubies from their newly discovered Mozambique mine (in the town of Montepuez to be exact). Viviana Torun, the creator of some of Georg Jensen’s most exquisite pieces, has designed this range which includes their first high jewelry pieces such as the Runa Necklaces, which feature immaculate large emeralds set in gold.
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This Spring’s Hottest New Jewelry Trends

This Spring is seeing the return of some classic styles that never seem to fade, alongside some creative new ways to wear that shiny new gemstone. Here’s a handy little guide to what’s hot this season and who’s wearing what!

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Rampant Overgrading of Diamonds Triggers RapNet’s Refusal to List EGL Grading Reports

In previous blog articles, NADB has listed the numerous reasons for exclusively selling GIA and AGS certified diamonds. We covered some of the major differences between GIA and EGL graded diamonds and highlighted some of the egregious overgrading practices conducted by several of EGL’s labs worldwide and the ways in which it delegitimizes the industry as a whole.

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Going Up? Scientists Discover Technology for a Diamond Elevator to Space

The future is here – whether you like it or not – and it’s going to blow your mind. You may not think the future is here – because you still have to sit in traffic on the freeway and you can’t fly home on super sky-highways – but there are other technologies currently emerging that are just as mind blowing.

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6 Truly Morbid, Surreal and Idiotic Diamond Thefts

In a previous article, we talked about some of the most insane diamond heists – the ones with guns blazing, international intrigue and millions of dollars of sparkling rocks gone in a haze of smoke and gunfire. In this article, we wanted to talk about some diamond thefts that take the extravagance down a few notches, but turn the volume way up on the weird factor.

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Buy Through A Broker For The Best Deal!

North American Diamond Brokers (NADB) is a diamond brokerage company that takes pride in helping you find the best GIA certified loose diamonds. As soon as you select your diamond, our diamond brokers will negotiate with the dealer for the lowest possible price. NADB offers a best price guarantee.

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