Can You Match These 5 Rings To Their Celebrity Owners?

Okay, heres a fun little game for you to play. Who can match the ring with the celebrity? Read a little about the following five rings below and see if you can guess which celebs finger it belongs to, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce.


1. The actresses’ art consultant husband used his creative flair to pick out her beautiful 4-carat ring, designed by Graff Diamonds. The beautiful pillow shaped diamond shimmers like the sun when backed by a diamond encrusted band. Absolutely stunning.


2. A massive ten-carat heart-shaped diamond ring on a simple slim diamond encrusted band, which underneath spells out the initials T.S. (hint-hint) with a heart shape sandwiched in between. It’s subtle and elegant while still being very sizeable indeed.


3. This vintage looking Robert Procop diamond engagement ring is estimated to be a cool 16 carats in size and worth an estimated $250,000. It took over a year to complete the design, in collaboration with the then future groom. The large oblong shaped diamond is set against a ribbed band and looks like something Elizabeth Taylor would have worn back in the 60s.


4. Estimated to be worth about $8 million, this Lorraine Schwartz designed (in collaboration with this celebrities husband) masterpiece will make your jaw-drop. The classic cushion-cut design hints at the nostalgic but keeps it’s tre-chic modern edge with an almost invisible band.


5. This $5 million emerald cut diamond engagement ring, which has been compared to the aforementioned ring (see number 4) is nothing short of flawless. It’s also a Lorraine Schwartz design, but has a more visible band.


So, based on these little descriptions, can you guess which ring belongs to which celebrity?

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