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Buying Diamond Jewelry Is Tricky, Here’s A Few Tips

There is a good chance that you’ve purchased clothing for a friend or a relative before. There is also a good chance that those clothes were returned the very next day. Indeed, purchasing clothing, or anything that is very personal, can make an incredibly risky gift. This is why you have to be even more careful when you purchase jewelry for someone, especially diamond jewelry. You could very easily blow through a few grand and have to return the diamond jewelry the next day. However, if you consider these five simple details, you can assuredly find something that is just right.


  1. Size and stature

One of the first things to consider is the person’s size and stature. This will help you with the size of the diamond and other aesthetic choices. For instance, if the person you are purchasing jewelry for is petite, you may want to go for a smaller rock, or perhaps multiple smaller carat diamonds in a setting and a main gemstone in the center. It all depends, but a big stone on a small person may look a little ridiculous.


  1. Birth date

The person’s birth date is important, because every month has a particular gemstone. We’ve written about every month’s birthstone in the past, from January to December so that you can learn all about every single one of them. The last thing you want is to go for an arbitrary gemstone, because it may not make any sense. If you really want to get it right, you want to make sure the gemstone represents the month that the person was born in, then you want to find a way to add diamonds if you can. Because what’s better than diamond jewelry that incorporates your birthstone?


  1. Ring size

Of course, knowing the person’s ring size is crucial, because no one wants a gift that needs to be repaired before it can even be worn. If you are doing this as a surprise, one great way to find out what the person’s ring size is is to take another ring and bring it to a jewelry store to be sized. You have to do this very stealthily, because most people keep a close watch on their jewelry. If you really want to be smooth about this, you could purchase an affordable ring sizer online.


  1. Favorite color

A person’s favorite color is important, because diamonds and gemstones come in a plethora of different tones and shades. Pink, blue, gray, green – the list goes on. If the person you are purchasing the diamond for has a particular color that they enjoy more, you probably want to start looking for jewelry with a gem or diamond that is within a particular color family. That said, no everyone likes to wear their favorite color, so pay close attention to the colors of your partner’s favorite clothing items. They’ll want something to match.


  1. Personality

On top of everything, you want to think of the person’s personality. If the person is low key and minimal, you want to go with jewelry that is subdued and quiet. If the person is boisterous and loud, you want the jewelry to reflect that. In the end, jewelry is a personal experience, so you want the jewelry you purchase as a gift to say something about the person you are buying it for.

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