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Bridal Fashion Week: Top Trends Of 2015

This year’s bridal fashion week was bigger than ever. The Bridal industry has been booming for some time now, but it’s still going from strength to strength year upon year. And 2015 was no exception. We saw some stunning new collections from all of the biggest names such as Amsale, Christos, Vera Wang and Angel Sanchez. Here are some of the top bridal fashion week trends that we saw on the runways this year, so if you’re planning that special day, be sure to keep your eyes glued to the page.

Floral Appliques

The 3D floral appliques can be a stunning feature on any wedding dress. Floral appliques patterns within the lace structure help the dress remain sheer yet classy. If you’re looking to tip your hat to the past but remain truly in the here and now, you really can’t look past the Floral Appliques look. It was this year’s go-to look for some of the fashion world’s heaviest hitters.



A wedding dress featuring feathers might seem a little daring at first, but it’s well and truly hit the mainstream in the last few years. The white dove and swans suggest an air of elegance and grace, and so too will your white feathered wedding dress.


Illusion Bodice

There are very few ways to get away with something riskee when you’re walking down the aisle, but an illusion bodice is probably the best of all your options. Designed to reveal just the right amount, while still keeping everything somewhat under wraps (at least until after midnight), the illusion bodice is the classy way to do “sexy.” It appeared a lot on the runways this season and you should expect to see it grow even more in popularity over the next few years.


Keyhole necklines

Another way to hint at what lies underneath without scaring off the mother in law, is the oh-so-hot-right-now Keyhole Neckline. The keyhole neckline is that little slit that runs down the middle of the chest, revealing just the right amount of skin for an angelic church wedding. This feature will usually appear on a dress with a high neckline but they still have the sexyness of a plunging neckline.


The Pantsuit

Why stick to the stereotype when you can dance to your own beat? The pantsuit was lost to the fashion vaults for a few decades there, but in recent years it’s come back strong. Girl power is back in fashion in general, so if you want to let everybody know who wears the pants in the relationship, you best suit up!

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