Breathtaking Spring Honeymoon Destinations

Now all you newlyweds out there know that planning your wedding day can be all-consuming on so many levels. But no one ever mentions the honeymoon! In my humble opinion, the honeymoon should take all the planning. All that winding up for the big day requires a seriously well planned wind down, and first things first, where are the best places on earth to spend your honeymoon? Here’s a handy list of Breathtaking Spring Honeymoon Destinations that will help narrow down your options.

1. Egypt

Egypt is for the adventurous. If you want to take in some amazing historical sites, look no further than the pyramids of Giza. Thanks to a little revolution in recent years, prices to Egypt have dropped pretty significantly, which means you won’t be paying through the nose to see some of the most spectacular historical man made monuments on the face of the earth. Enough said.

2. Alsace

Go and see what all the fuss is about. The Germans and French fought over this piece of land for years, and you can understand why. It truly is breathtaking. Alsace really reflects the mix of the two cultures, located along the Rhine river on the border of France, Germany and Switzerland, making it a unique honeymoon experience.

3. Mexico

If you’re lucky enough to live in the United states, it’s a pilgrimage that can’t be missed. Mexican food and culture permeates the American way of life, so why not skip the border, and check out where it all came from. The colors, the music, the impeccable weather and beaches really seem too good to be true. But I guarantee you, it’s all really there, just a hop, skip and a jump a way.

4. Vietnam

It’s time to forget all the old connotations that we associate with this Southeast Asian country. You’ll see Vietnam in a completely different light as soon as you touch down. The people are the most welcoming, warm-hearted people on earth and will do anything to make your trip a memorable one. Tourism has rescued the country from despair in recent years, and Vietnam has become a go to honeymoon destination thanks to its white sandy beaches and island hopping lifestyle. It’s obviously got some incredible historical sights to offer too.

5. New Zealand

Last, but certainly not least, we have middle earth…. Ahem, I mean New Zealand! Okay, so Lord Of The Rings may have put this destination back on the map of must-see places on the bucket list, but you can really see why people are heading there in droves. There’s no computer graphics needed here, the landscape is simply awe inspiring. If you’re an outdoor type there is no better holiday destination on earth. New Zealand offers the adrenaline junky every kind of rush, from sky diving to rock climbing, to white water rafting. You name it, New Zealand has it in spades.

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