The Best Diamonds at the Oscars This Year

We all know that the Oscar’s are that special time of year when we get to see all of our favorite celebrities and obsess over which designers they chose to wear on the red carpet. However, aside from wearing a bespoke designer dress, choosing the right jewelry pieces from some of the most classic and chic designer jewelry houses is also compulsory for our beloved starlets. Here we look at some of the most dazzling jewelry on the red carpet and the designers that made them. These are the best diamonds at the Oscars this year.


Whispers of the Rainforest

diamonds at the oscars

Who can argue with Jessica Biel in this Tiffany’s & Co. masterpiece in 18-karat gold and platinum? I think it’s fair to say that we’ve seen a lot of diamonds at the Oscars, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this piece. This magnificent necklace is from the 2017 Blue Book Collection and it pairs impeccably with her glittering gold dress from KAUFMANFRANCO. There are no words for this kind of perfection.


The Nirav Modi Mughal Collection

diamonds at the oscars

Most people remember her as a Victoria’s Secret Angel (2013-2015), some may know her as the new face of Swarovski, but last night, Karlie Kloss turned heads when she wore Nirav Modi Mughal with her gorgeous white Stella McCartney caped dress. A look almost identical to the white caped Tom Ford dress that Gwyneth Paltrow wore just 5 years prior. Except for one major difference, Karlie donned a bright blue ribbon on her left hip in solidarity with the American Civil Liberties Union. But let’s get back to the jewelry. She wore an incredible 18-karat white gold choker set with 38 carats worth of diamonds that elegantly intertwine, forming a symphony of floral shapes from the Nirav Modi Mughal collection. She also wore a fabulous pair of earrings from the Entremblant Collection in both white and rose gold. In total, over 5 carats worth of diamond studs. Just stunning!


Cartier, Cartier, Cartier

diamonds at the oscars

We saw all kinds of newer jewelry houses represented on the red carpet, but no one will ever do it like Cartier. If you’re a lover of vintage jewelry and design, then you can see that Dakota Johnson took the prize before she even entered the building. Her Fall 2017 Gucci dress was already everything, but then she had to layer it with a 1958 Cartier vintage statement necklace, a 1945 vintage Cartier yellow gold ring with emeralds, and a 2.95-carat ruby Cartier ring with diamonds from 1946. Her golden dress, which resembled the very statuettes that embody the Oscar’s, paired with all the best diamond jewelry, right down to the prominent bow on her waist, sent the message that she didn’t even need to take a bow. If there were an Academy Award for best diamonds at the Oscars, this look would win every year.

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