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The Benefits Of Going To A Loose Diamond Dealer

In the past, your local brick-and-mortar jewelry store was was where almost everyone bought their loose diamonds. Not only was this the most trusted source, but it was also the most convenient – a one-stop shop where you could buy your jewelry and your diamond, have it appraised and set into the jewelry piece all at once. However, these days people are finding that the most affordable and trustworthy source for loose diamonds is an online loose diamond dealer. This is because a great number of checks and balances have been put in place to eliminate theft and fraud, and online listing services are making a much wider variety of diamonds available to the broader public at significantly lower prices. Here are the benefits of going to a loose diamond dealer.


Wider Selection

Before online listing services, diamond dealers needed to keep a large stock of diamonds on hand for their customers to choose from, and the network of diamond dealers that they would work with was extremely limited. Now that there are online listing services that connect diamond dealers from around the world, this means that anyone from even the most remote and rural ends of the world can have access to the most coveted selection of diamonds.


Lower Prices

A loose diamond dealer that operates online is also able to keep their prices much lower because they don’t have to run and operate large retail stores in order to sell loose diamonds. This fact alone has helped to drop the prices of loose diamonds on a global scale. These diamond dealers also don’t need to own all of the diamonds that they offer to their customers, so this allows them to sell these diamonds at much lower prices.



Since there is a much wider variety of stones offered by an online loose diamond dealer, diamond buyers are now able to customize the specs of their diamonds to a much higher degree. The internet has also allowed diamond buyers to educate themselves about diamonds to a much higher degree so that they know exactly what they’re looking for. When you search for diamonds using NADB’s diamond search tool, you can search for diamonds that meet a very specific set of criteria and compare prices based on those specs.



Most people are initially very skeptical about the idea of buying diamonds online because they are afraid that they will be opening themselves up to fraud and other nefarious possibilities. However, a loose diamond dealer is required to provide accurate certifications for all of the diamonds that they list online, and these certifications cannot come from just any diamond lab. In fact, over the years several diamond labs have been completely blacklisted from these online listing services due to rampant overgrading and inaccurate appraisals. On the other hand, when you go to a loose diamond dealer that does not operate online, they are not required to adhere to these strict guidelines.

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