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Before You Purchase A Diamond, Know What Type of Buyer You Are

The old aphorism, “know thyself,” has a lot of meanings and a lot of new agey people use the term as a point of reference to help people form a stronger sense of identity. Socrates used the aphorism as a way to propel his philosophical sermons, but he was poisoned with hemlock, so you may not want to put much faith in him. However, if you are about to purchase a diamond ring, it can help to know what type of buyer you are. Generally, there are four types.


1. The Name-Brand Buyer

The name-brand buyer is exactly what it seems – it’s someone who likes to buy something for the name and name alone. Of course, this type of buying can exist across many different socioeconomic brackets. The rich may buy a Mercedes for the sake of purchasing the name and the middle of the road buyer may score a Ford, just because it’s a Ford. It’s okay to be a name-brand buyer, but be sure to keep this in mind when you purchase a diamond. What’s in a name? – When it comes to a diamond – the only name you really need to know is GIA. If you purchase a diamond that isn’t GIA certified, then its value will be very difficult to measure.


2. The Discount Queen or King

The discount queen or king is a buyer who looks for a discount at all costs. The discount king or queen doesn’t care about name brand. He or she wants the product that has been marked down the most. The discount king or queen will spend a lot of time looking for these discounts and will line up on Black Friday before the crowd. Even if the line winds around the block twice, the discounter will wait.


3. The You-Can’t-Have-It Buyer

The you-can’t-have-it-buyer will want anything that the average customer can’t have. This person goes beyond name brand and tries to score the most exclusive product on the market. Even if a traditional jeweler sells a certain type of ring, the you-can’t-have-it-buyer will want the most hard to find jeweler or luxury jewelry and buy it from there. Its okay to be this type of buyer, but you should know that a lot of jewelers can custom make rings that will fit your hard to please tastes.


4. The Bargain Hunter

In the end, you have the bargain hunter, which is basically the person who likes name brand, but wants it at a bargain, which is where the bargain hunter differs from the discounter. A bargain hunter won’t wait in line – he or she will wait for a discount. The bargain hunter knows exactly what he or she wants. In the end, a bargain hunter is not hard to please, but being easier isn’t the same as being easy. If you fit in this category, you may be spending a little longer searching before you can purchase a diamond with pride, but there are bargains out there if you look.

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