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The Beauty Of Tanzanite: Five Fascinating Facts About December’s Birthstone

December’s stone is Tanzanite. It’s a beautiful, rare deep blue stone that is perhaps the most unique gemstone in the world. If you are planning on honoring your birth month by purchasing a ring with a tanzanite stone, or if you are planning on purchasing that ring for a special someone, there are a few things you should know. It is important to know the facts, because you want to be sure that you know exactly what you are buying and it is quite fascinating to learn the history. Here are five fascinating facts about tanzanite.

Tanzanite Only Comes From One Place In The World

It only comes from one place in the whole world: Tanzania. In fact, it is only found within a small geographical region within the African country. This is unique because most other gemstones are found in several locations around the world. This little tidbit of knowledge makes the gemstone all the more special.


The Gemstone Is Becoming Rarer And Rarer

Because the gemstone is only found within a small region, it is becoming harder and harder to find them. The deep blue stone, unfortunately, is becoming more and more rare. The good news is that this is why buying tanzanite now is such a good investment. Pretty soon the stone will be so rare that you will only be able to find it on the secondary market. If you purchase a tanzanite ring, in the future you could stand to make a very decent return.


The Deep Blue Stone Was Found After A Brushfire

The deep blue gemstone known as Tanzanite wasn’t really discovered until 1960. It happened after a brushfire turned the Tanzanian landscape into charred ash. A Massai tribesperson who was hunting one day found a tanzanite stone. The brush fire had turned the stone into an even more glowing shade of deep blue. From then on, the stone has become more and more popular on the marketplace.


You Want To Look For Saturation

When you are purchasing a tanzanite stone, you want to look for saturation. A good gemologist or jewelry dealer will be able to show you the difference between different grades and saturation rates for stones. What you want to do is really study the stone to make sure that there is a dark, dark blue color – it should look almost violet. Of course, the more saturated the stone is, the more rare it is, which means that you could be spending a lot more money.


Tanzanite Is Becoming Quite Popular

About 75% of the tanzanite stones coming out of Africa land in the United States for jewelry and for engagements. In fact, tanzanite has become so popular that it has taken the number one spot as December’s birthstone. Maybe it’s the deep blue color, maybe it’s the connection to spiritual Massai tribes, or maybe it’s the mystery – the one thing that we do know is that it is one of the most beautiful gemstones.

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