Baller Status: The Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces In The World

Some people have a little dough to burn and others don’t mind dumping a lot of it in a bonfire and dancing around as the flickering embers rise up to the heavens, as the heavens rain down on them infinite riches. You may not be able to fathom it, but for some people, splurging on a twenty million dollar tiara is like venturing out of the dollar menu at your favorite fast food restaurant. Here is a list of some of the most expensive pieces of jewelry ever sold.

1. The Empress Eugenie Brooch.

François Kramer created this antique diamond brooch in 1855 for the wife of Napoleon III, who was known for modernizing Paris with its many beautiful boulevards, parks and other public works. His wife was Eugénie de Montijo who was one of the last empresses of France and had a thing for fancy jewelry. I guess some things never change. The Louvre Museum in Paris just bought this brooch at auction for a face-slapping $10.5 million.

2. Wallis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet.

This little onyx and diamond panther bracelet once belonged to British socialite and heiress Wallis Simpson – otherwise known as Bessie Wallis Warfield. Her tryst with King Edward VIII led to him being kicked off the thrown. Designed by Cartier, this bracelet was the most expensive creation ever sold. It recently sold for a striking $12.4 million at auction – some speculate as to whether Madonna purchased the bracelet.


3. The Bvlgari Blue.

The fashion house Bvlgari is known for its extravagant luxuries and the fact that its name always looks misspelled. Apparently, the ‘V’ is pronounced as a ‘U’ – Bulgari. Anyways, the Bvlgari Blue is the most expensive per-carat blue diamond ever sold. In the 70s, an anonymous collector purchased the diamond for his wife after the birth of his first child. Recently, an Asian collector purchased it for $15.7 million after a three-way bidding battle. Isn’t it every guy’s dream to be in a three-way bidding battle?

4. The Graff Pink.

The 24.78 carat pink diamond, once owned by American celebrity jeweler, Harry Winston, is considered one of the grandest and most beautiful diamonds in history. Originally, it was sold to a private collector and wasn’t seen for almost 70 years. In 2010, it was purchased by Laurence Graff – the billionaire diamond dealer – who quickly named the rock after himself; the smug bastard.


5. Heart of the Kingdom Ruby. 

The jewelry house Garrard – based in London – has the distinction of owning this rare and gorgeous ruby that is set in a necklace, flanked by dozens of diamonds. The ruby itself is a 40.63-carat, heart-shaped Burmese ruby that would make even Scrooge McDuck crack a smile. By the way, somebody better get that duck some pants. Anyways, this amazing piece of jewelry is amazing because there are Swiss laboratory reports that say it is. Also, it’s valued at $14 million. If you ever come into some serious baller-status cash, Garrard wants you to know that you can also wear this stunning piece of jewelry as a tiara – not like you’d want to stand out or anything like that.

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