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How To Avoid High Pressure Sales Tactics When Buying A Diamond

Sure, diamonds go through hundreds of millions of years worth of pressure to get to their beautiful, sparkling modern day state, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go through the same pressure to purchase a diamond. It’s true that some sales specialists in the diamond industry will really put the pedal to the metal when trying to sell diamonds, which can feel frustrating, stressful and like you just want to pull out your credit card as a flag of surrender. However, there are a few ways that you can take a step back, breathe and let those sales tactics wash over you. Here is how to avoid high pressure sales tactics when buying a diamond.


Know The Psychology Behind The Tactics

There is a deeply complex psychology behind these high pressure sales tactics that is important to know about. If you don’t see through the tactic – to a subconscious level – you could be vulnerable. For instance, if the salesperson tells you that a diamond’s price is only good for a day, or that someone called in earlier and you are getting a better deal, these are merely ploys to make you think that the “deal” you are getting may not last much longer. Simply calling out the salesperson should break down this psychological game that is often played to sell diamonds at a premium.

Learn How To Read A Poker Face

In some instances, you can read a bad deal all over the salesperson’s face. They will tell you a story about the diamond, or they will give you some fact that just isn’t true or is hugely inflated as far as the truth is concerned. Even if a diamond sales specialist comes highly recommended, you want to pay attention to little clues – ticks, shifts of the eyes, nervousness, pen chewing or tapping. All of these things are done in anticipation to make you feel like you are under the thumb to buy, buy, buy.


Tell The Salesperson That You Want A Neutral Second or Third Opinion

Getting a neutral opinion from a professional that doesn’t work with the diamond retailer is important – no matter what kind of sales tactics are being dished your way. You want to get the diamond appraised and you want someone to make sure the grading is correct – amongst a number of other things. You want to know that you are getting exactly what you are asking for at the price the retailer wants. However, there is another benefit of getting an outside opinion – telling the diamond retailer will help break down some walls and he or she may be more forthcoming, and you may get a better price.


Don’t Give Your Number, You Call Them

When you tell a diamond retailer that you are going to come back, you don’t want to give him or her your number, because the calls might not stop. Some retailers can be quite persistent and giving your number is like giving permission to let the high-pressure sales tactics continue over the phone. Ideally, you want to be making the calls – the key is to have all the power in your hands. 

Learn The Art Of Walking Away

Of course, there is the art of walking away. When you don’t like a deal, just turn the other way. This is the best way to get a diamond for the price you want. Sure, this may be stressful, especially if you really want the diamond, but turning away will turn the tables in a sense. Once you head for the door, the diamond retailer may jump to get your business. In the end, this may take some bravery on your part, but it can work because most jewelers are more desperate to sell diamonds than they are willing to let on.

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