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Debunking Five Summer Wedding Myths

It’s almost summertime – and that means that not only will it be hot, it’s also sticky, muggy and it’s hard to do anything except lay on the beach or by the pool. However, if you are planning a wedding, it is important that you kick yourself into action, because there is a lot to organize […]

How To You Know If You’re Ready For Marriage

It’s an eternal question we’ve all asked ourselves: am I ready for marriage? Even if you are single, you may have asked yourself: should I just start looking for a life partner? It can be an exhausting personal quandary that can get even more confusing as you get older, because you start to feel your […]

Why Now Is The Right Time To Buy Diamonds

If you are worried about the economy, you don’t want to put your money in stocks and you certainly don’t want to go out and buy fancy things, like cars and clothes. Investing in stocks could result in major losses. If you purchase a car, it will lose some of its value by the time […]

Why Are Diamonds So Expensive, But No Really?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about diamonds – from the truth surrounding the true rarity of these sparkly stones to whether or not they will truly appreciate in value over time. A lot of naysayers claim that diamonds are deemed rarer than they really are to inflate the market. Others say that the […]

The Best Diamonds at the Oscars This Year

We all know that the Oscar’s are that special time of year when we get to see all of our favorite celebrities and obsess over which designers they chose to wear on the red carpet. However, aside from wearing a bespoke designer dress, choosing the right jewelry pieces from some of the most classic and […]