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A Review Checklist Before Purchasing Diamonds

In past articles, we’ve talked about some considerations you need to take before purchasing a diamond. We’ve also talked about how to choose a diamond dealer. However, we haven’t really explored some of the last considerations you need to make before your credit card gets swiped. These last minute considerations are crucial, because it’s a little bit like tying up loose ends. Here is a review checklist before you make your final diamond engagement ring purchase.


Is the diamond you are purchasing the best deal you can find?

Of course, you want to consider whether you are getting the best deal. Another diamond broker or dealer may be offering a similar diamond, but with a few inclusions for less money. If you don’t mind less clarity and you want to save, you may want to go with a different choice. However, clarity is a very important factor, so you want to get the highest clarity you can afford. 

Have you done the proper research?

Of course, you have probably done a lot of research, but is it sufficient? You may just want to do a quick extra search. There are always more questions you can ask if you do enough research. The right diamond dealer will always be able to answer every question you have in regard to purchasing diamonds.


Do you have the ring size?

Indeed, you want to make sure that you have the ring size down. The last thing you want is put all that effort into the perfect proposal, only to find that the ring doesn’t fit. It doesn’t really look great when you get down on one knee and then ask for her hand in marriage, and can’t even slide the ring on her finger. Purchasing a ring that is slightly too big is always better than slightly too small – the same goes when purchasing diamonds!


Are you set on the shape?

In past articles, we’ve explored the various diamond shapes. Specifically, we talked about different cuts being more timeless than others. Before you make the final purchase, you want to know whether the shape you are buying is the right one for her. The shape is a very personal thing, and if marriage is on her mind as well, there’s a good chance that she has some references to her dream ring posted on her Pinterest page.


Did she say ‘yes?’

On top of everything, you want to make sure that she likes the ring. Sometimes, you may want to propose with a solitaire and then go shopping for the engagement ring together. If she says ‘yes,’ you can go to the jewelry store together and find the perfect ring for her. In the end, this is a surefire way to know that you are purchasing the right diamond engagement ring. In all reality, she will probably want something with a diamond halo, or some other kind of diamond encrusted details, so take that into account when you outline your budget for the ring. Because you’ll most like be purchasing diamonds (plural), not just one.  

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