Buy Through A Broker For The Best Deal!

North American Diamond Brokers (NADB) is a diamond brokerage company that takes pride in helping you find the best GIA certified loose diamonds. As soon as you select your diamond, our diamond brokers will negotiate with the dealer for the lowest possible price. NADB offers a best price guarantee.

Before you pay, we will send the selected loose diamond directly to you, a fine jeweler or an independent appraiser near you.  You can see your diamond in person and decide if the diamond is perfect for you.

We want you to be our client for life and will work hard to make it so. Please call or send us an email to see how we can make your next diamond purchase a great experience.

As a diamond buyer or seller, your first priority should be finding a trustworthy broker. Before you consider the shape, size, cut, color or clarity of a diamond, it is important to consider the qualifications of the broker. Choosing a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business like North American Diamond Brokers is the best way to feel confident about your loose diamond purchase.

Unlike most high-value purchases such as a car that start depreciating the minute you bring them home, diamonds appreciate in value with time.

Read on to know why you should choose a trusted broker like NADB.


Instead of buying your diamond from a retail store, internet diamond seller or local jeweler, you should rely on an expert diamond broker to get the best deal. Diamond brokers work as your representatives and can help you find the diamond that is right for you. Brokers do not actually own diamonds but have relationships with a host of different sources. Brokers work as agents to help you find the perfect diamond from a variety of markets such as individuals, online auctions and dealers.


Another advantage of using a diamond broker is that you are dealing with an expert. Most brokers are Graduate Gemologists who sell diamonds on a daily basis. Your broker frequently deals in high quality diamonds and is an expert at grading and evaluating them. Using an online diamond broker is definitely the easiest way to get the best deal, not just a good one! Your broker can assure you that the diamond you are buying is accurately graded.


Because of the close relationship the broker has with different sources, he can help you cut costs. The broker is able to purchase your diamond as close to the wholesale price as possible. A broker will source your diamond from cutters, dealers or wholesalers, at no additional cost to you. The dealer from whom your broker sourced your diamond, pays the broker a small commission. The price you pay works out to be much less than traditional retail diamond sources.


Your broker can find the perfect diamond that meets your budget and specifications. This diamond can then be sent to an appraiser or jeweler in your area so you can see the diamond before you decide to purchase it. This process helps you save time and energy. It won’t be necessary to visit different stores comparing prices and reports.

Diamond brokers are a great resource when it is time research, select and purchase a  loose diamond. They specialize in providing you with the diamond education you need to make the best possible decision. Diamond brokers can educate you on the importance of the 4 C’s – carat, cut, clarity and color. While education is an important component in the diamond buying process, a diamond broker’s services go well beyond education.

Please give us a call at 866-994-6262 to see how we can assist you in your next diamond purchase. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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