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A Brief and Exciting History Of Wedding Bands

Throughout history, rings have been worn on the fingers of brides and grooms to signify their lasting bonds. However, things haven’t always been the same. Indeed, wedding bands have had a long and storied past. During wartime recessions, certain metals were hard to get and the gold or silver that was procured was not as high quality. What mattered, though, is the bond the ring signified – not the worth. In ancient Roman times, brides would wear complicated puzzle rings that took hours to put on. In Ancient Egyptian times, rings were made of reed or hay. Here is a brief and exciting history of wedding bands.


The First To Wear Wedding Bands Were The Egyptians

Ancient papyrus scrolls show that ancient Egyptians wore wedding rings made out of grass or reeds. Indeed, the rings weren’t made out of precious metal like they are today. However, the Egyptians did place the ring on the ring finger of the left hand because they believed that it made contact with a vein that was connected to the heart. They were a romantic bunch those Ancient Egyptians.

Interlocking Rings Were Worn in Europe For Hundreds of Years

For hundreds of years, Europeans would wear gimmel rings, which were two rings that interlocked together. Before the official wedding ceremony, the ring was worn by both partners and then after the wedding, the rings were joined together and worn by the bride. These rings were similar to a puzzle ring and were usually made out of some kind of metal, like gold or silver.

During The Renaissance Wedding Rings Were Inscribed With A Poem

The Renaissance was a welcome breath of fresh air from the Dark Ages – when people believed the Earth was flat and leeches could cure the plague. The Renaissance was also a time when wedding rings were first inscribed with a poem. In fact, these bands were called a poesy ring, because the poem would be engraved into the inner portion of the ring. Typically, these rings were made out of silver.


Lower Quality Metal Was Used During Economic Hardship

Over the last few hundred years, there have been plenty of downturns in the economy. Some of these downturns have been normal recessions and some have been horrible recessions. However, money or no money, people are going to fall in love and get married. Instead of going back to the ways of the Ancient Egyptians, people still purchased rings made of gold and silver. Yet, these metals were typically much lower quality.


The Double Wedding Band Ceremony Is A New Phenomenon

The whole concept of a double wedding band is a phenomenon developed in the 20th century. Part of this has to do with marketing, but it also has to do with developing new traditions. In this case, during the wedding ceremony, the wedding band is added to the engagement ring. In the end, this new tradition is the perfect way to cement your bond with your partner, and it’s an exciting lineage in the history of wedding rings.

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