5 Things To Look For In a Diamond Broker

Whether you are curious about purchasing a diamond, or unloading your old diamond, you want to find a diamond broker that is tapped into a wide database of diamonds and diamond dealers. It is not entirely uncommon for people to try to cut out the middleman with the use of sites like eBay, but there are very few assurances when you go that route.

The truth of the matter is that a diamond broker is an important intermediary. If you want to purchase a diamond, North American Diamond Brokers can find you the best diamond at the best price. If you are selling your diamond, we will help you get the most money for your diamond by putting it on the global radar via the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) Process. We can even put your diamond on the old auction block. No matter whom you choose, you want to be sure you are working with an honest and experienced diamond broker. Here are five things to look for in a diamond broker.

1. Great customer service.

When you are looking to buy a diamond, you don’t want to be met with a cold, impolite salesperson. You want to be met with exceptional service, because that is the only way you can trust that you are going to find an exceptional diamond. There are as many different ways that a diamond is graded and valued, as there are qualities that people seek in a diamond. A quality diamond broker is interested in getting to know his or her customers so that the most appropriate diamond can be found to suit the customers wants and needs.

2. Locations and connections in multiple locations.

Another important factor to consider when you are looking for a diamond broker is if the broker has multiple locations and connections with other diamond retailers and wholesalers. If you are in Las Vegas, you don’t just want a diamond broker in Las Vegas. You want a diamond broker who has connections with a wide host of dealers, nationwide. The same goes if you are looking for a diamond broker in San Diego or any other city. More connections means more selection and a better chance that you will find the diamond that you are looking for. It also means that you will get the most money for the diamond that you are trying to sell.

3. Experience.

Experience is everything when you are looking for a diamond or trying sell a diamond that you don’t want anymore. For instance, NADB has over six decades of collective diamond buying and selling experience. This will give you the confidence in knowing that you have experts on your hands and that you will get exactly what you are looking for. The diamond business has traditionally been a family trade because it is an industry that requires years of training and connection building in order for a broker to be successful.

4. Knowledge.

On top of experience, you also want to find a broker that has a lot of knowledge. We work exclusively with diamonds that are GIA or AGS certified because we want to know exactly what we are dealing with, and we only deal with the most reputable and trustworthy diamond grading reports. We also want to know as much about our customers as possible, so that we can determine exactly what you are looking for in your diamond and where to get it.

5. Expert appraisal.

On top of everything, you want to be sure that your diamond is accompanied by a thorough valuation report written by an expert diamond appraiser. Most graduate gemologists are willing to write a general diamond appraisal, but most dealers require appraisals to be written by highly accredited diamond appraisers. NADB is connected to expert appraisers from across the country and our website makes it easy to find an appraiser near you.

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