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5 Smart Ways To Never Lose Your Wedding Ring

The last thing you ever want is to be in a situation where you are explaining how you lost your wedding ring. This is especially the case with your spouse. In fact, you don’t want to explain how you lost your engagement ring either. However, it can happen and it does happen all the time. Some people throw their rings in the garbage, others get their rings lost down the drain and some get their rings stolen. Whatever the case is, you want to be smart. Here are five smart ways to never lose your wedding ring.


Keep A Ring Holder By Your Bedside

If you are the kind of person that tosses and turns at night, you could wake up and wonder where your ring went. If you want to hold on to your ring, you probably want to keep it in a specialized holder by your bedside. You never know what you are capable of in your sleep and you could wind up getting your ring lost forever in your bed frame. With a holder, you’ll never have to worry about this.


Put A Screen In Your Sink Drain

When you are doing the dishes, you could very easily lose your ring down the drain. Just think about it, your fingers may be slippery and your ring could simply wash away forever. To avoid this, you want to place a screen on your sink drain, so that if your ring does come off, it won’t fall into the abyss. The best part about these drains is that they are affordable and easy to install.


Make Sure Your Diamond Ring Fits

Of course, when you do get your ring, you want to make sure that it fits and you want to make sure that you have your ring size. If your ring is too loose, you could be increasing the chances of losing your ring, which won’t be good. If your ring has become loose every time, you may want to have it refitted. Sometimes, our fingers can fluctuate in size – sometimes drastically – over time. Your fingers may be thinner than they use to be.

Don’t Wear Your Ring In An Unsafe Area

If you are going into an area that feels unsafe, or if you are traveling don’t want to be vulnerable, you want to leave your wedding ring at home. Ideally, you want to place your ring in a locked closet or drawer. At a hotel, you can ask to use the safe, which is the best place to keep your ring, especially if it has diamonds or other precious stones. Otherwise, you might want to wear it on a necklace and keep it hidden in your shirt.


Be Sure To Be Careful When Wearing Gloves

On top of everything, this winter you want to be mindful of your wedding band or engagement ring when taking off your gloves. Sure, it will be cold and you may want to take your gloves off as soon as you enter a restaurant, but you want to be sure that your ring is still there before you enjoy your meal.

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