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5 Signs That He’s Going to Pop the Question

Almost every little girl dreams of meeting and falling in love with her soul mate. A part of that dream comes with a romantic surprise proposal, and what could be better than a Christmas proposal? The only problem is that you never know when he is going to pop the question. It could be a few years into your relationship or it could be a few months if things are going well. But you never know the exact moment, which can be a blessing or a curse. A curse if you don’t like surprises. Yet, it can always help to know some of the signs. Here are some signs that he is going to pop the question.


  1. Making plans way in advance

If you notice that your boyfriend is making plans way in advance or is asking you what your schedule is like way in advance, this may be a sign that he is ready to pop the question. This is an even bigger sign if he is not the type of guy to plan anything in advance.


  1. You get weird calls to the house

If you start to get phone calls to the house and they are from people that sound very serious, but very vague, it could be a sign that your boyfriend is up to something. Indeed, these people may be diamond brokers or they may be from hotels or restaurants, depending on how big of a proposal he is planning. So, don’t be alarmed by these phone calls – it may be a sign that all your dreams are about to come true.


  1. His friends smile at you in a different way

If your boyfriend is about to pop the question, there is a good chance that his friends already know. In fact, the first people he will tell are his friends. If this is the case, there is a good chance that his friends will start to look at you in a brand new way. They may be nicer. They may give a look. If you notice that something is off, there is a chance he is about to pop the big question.


  1. Lots of sudden scheduling changes

Another sign that he is about to propose is if he keeps rescheduling or shifting his day around. He isn’t seeing anyone behind your back, he is actually planning his proposal. There is a lot that goes into this proposal, from finding the right location to making sure there are restaurant reservations and more. There is also a chance that he is spending time with your parents and asking your father for your hand in marriage. It’s an old tradition, but it’s often a major part of the whole proposal experience.


  1. Your parents seem abnormally chipper

If he is asking your parents, your parents may be extra nice to you for a while. If you call your parents and they are asking a lot of questions about your boyfriend, there could be something going on. In the end, if he does propose, you want to pretend that you didn’t see it coming, even though the signs were painfully obvious.

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