5 Reasons Why People Trust And Prefer NADB Over Blue Nile

Just ten years ago, back when Amazon was a cool, new place to buy books and YouTube was too obscure for advertising, people could hardly imagine buying fresh produce, let alone diamonds online.

Although, these days despite the prevalence of Internet fraud and scams, we’ve found myriad ways to safeguard our money online, and we can hardly imagine having to leave our house for many of our daily purchases. We just insist on conducting business with names that we know and trust, especially when buying diamonds. Blue Nile is currently the leading business in online diamond sales, which is why so many feel it is the safest way to purchase diamonds online. However, what could be safer than seeing your diamond in person before you buy it? Here are five reasons why people trust and prefer NADB over Blue Nile.

1. See your diamond first 

Ever feel like a change in lighting can dramatically change the way you look? Well the same goes for diamonds. When you are looking at a picture of a diamond online, you are looking at that diamond under the lighting that flatters it best, but what does it look like in the sunlight? NADB is partnered with jewelry stores across the nation, so that you can have the diamond you’re interested in sent to the location nearest you and see the diamond for yourself.


 Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.02.42 PM2. Experienced Gemologists


Unlike Blue Nile, NADB works exclusively with experienced gemologists who are eager not only to educate customers through the diamond buying process, but also to look at the diamond through the various instruments used for inspection; that way you can rest assured knowing that the diamond is represented accurately by its certificate. If the diamond has an identifiable inclusion, it will be used as a reference for the client. Almost like a fingerprint of their diamond. If work is ever done on the jewelry, you can always look for that inclusion after work is completed to ensure that it’s the same diamond.


3. Expert Consultation David Bowie


Because all of NADB’s associates are experienced gemologists, you know that you are receiving expert consultation every time you call, email, livechat, or speak in person with one of our partners. Finding the right diamond requires knowing how to make the smartest investment according to your specific means and purposes. This is why it’s always best to consult with an experienced gemologist whose finger is on the pulse of the industry, not just a sales associate whose expertise is limited to the ins and outs of their particular business.



4. Premium Selection

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.01.14 PM

NADB’s founder and CEO, David Bowie, is a third generation diamond broker and has spent nearly 40 years working in the industry. As a result of this vast experience, he has limited the selection of diamonds to those that are truly worthwhile investments. It’s for this reason that NADB only lists diamonds that are graded as Excellent or Very Good in Cut, Polish and Symmetry, D-J in Color, Flawless-SI2 in Clarity, and with a minimum Weight of .50 carats.

5. Lower Prices

At NADB, we consistently beat the prices of objectively comparable Blue Nile diamonds. Guaranteed. So there you have it, a vast and premium selection of high quality diamonds, at unbeatable prices, with the unique advantage of expert consultation, and the security of seeing your diamond before you buy it. What else could you ask for?

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