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5 Of The Most Insane Marriage Proposals Ever

When it comes to marriage proposals, it’s one of those things where you kind of have to go big or go home. It’s a big moment – a moment that will be remembered for a long time. Moreover, you are going to be telling the story over and over again – not just when you announce the news of your engagement, but also decades from now when your grandkids ask for the proposal story. To get a little inspiration, it helps to look back at the annals of really insane proposals. These people really took it to the next level. Here are five of the most insane marriage proposals ever.


1. A Proposal In Zero Gravity

Graciela Asturias was proposed to about 1000 feet above the earth in a Boeing 757 outfitted to produce the effect of zero gravity. You’ve seen it before – a bunch of people floating in what looks like space. Her now fiancé – duh, she said yes – planned the proposal after always wondering what it would be like to experience zero G.  When the moment came, her fiancé was a little afraid the ring would float away, but alas, it didn’t and the couple is now happily married. They plan to spend their ten-year anniversary in space.


2. The Dolphin Proposal

Petting live dolphins and swimming with them is a fantasy we’ve all had. Moreover, it makes for one hell of a date. Apparently, though, it also makes for the perfect proposal ruse. Straight out of a fantasy novel, Gil took his girlfriend Jessica on a romantic vacation to a private island. They dined on the beach, they got massages, and they spent real quality time together. All along, though, Gil was planning to pop the question, and he did in the most insane way possible. While petting and swimming with dolphins off the coast of the island, one of the dolphins popped out of the water with a buoy and a sign that read, “Will you marry me?” Gil had coordinated with the dolphin trainers to have the porpoise literally pop the question at the exact right moment. Now, that’s a story to tell your grandkids.


3. Proposing In A Sky Dive

Another insane proposal story belongs to two sky diving enthusiasts. Everyone knows that sky diving is a sport that belongs to only the bravest. Jumping from 20,000 feet is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, Mateo Martinez took his girlfriend with him on a sky diving expedition and just as he was about to jump, he popped the question. He had to wait to for his girlfriend to make a safe landing before he got his answer. She did make a safe landing and she said yes. There’s even a picture of her posing with the ring on land.


4. The Guy Who Proposed On Live TV

There’s been a lot of marriage proposals on TV – usually in movies and TV shows. However, you don’t see a lot of proposal commercials. This is where Rand comes in. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend in the most insane way possible, and what he came up with was truly bonkers: he was going to purchase commercial airspace during the Super Bowl for 2.5 million dollars. He didn’t have that money, of course, so he went to social media and crowd funding. He ended up raising only 85k, and although it was talked about on major news networks, the Super Bowl didn’t want to air an ad for only 85K. Plan B for Rand was just as good and romantic, he took the money and ran a commercial during her favorite TV show, Veronica Mars. After the initial shock wore off from seeing the commercial, she said yes.


5. A Stunt Proposal That Involved Jumping Off A Building

A video came out recently of a guy proposing to his girlfriend on the ledge of a tall building. Not the smartest place to propose. When he goes to pull out the ring, it seems to fall off the side of the building. When he goes to catch it, he falls. It’s scary as hell. Surely, he’s a goner. Not the perfect time to fall off a building, or is it? His girlfriend screams and runs to the ledge, but when she gets there and looks down, she sees her boyfriend smiling in a giant inflatable stunt pad with the word “Will You Marry Me” around him. It’s the perfect marriage proposal – maybe not a marriage proposal for the rest of us, but it sets the bar pretty high; ten stories high.

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