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5 Designer Engagement Rings That Are Really Making Waves

If you’re ready to propose and are looking for the kinds of designer engagement rings that really turn heads, then you need to know exactly which designers are currently taking the market by storm. A simple hashtag search on Instagram for designer engagement rings will yield a million results from the most renowned designers to every retired teacher who decided to open an etsy shop and call themselves a designer. That’s why you need to really have your finger on the pulse of the high end jewelry market so that you know where to look. Here at NADB, we’ve always got our finger on that pulse and we’re always happy to share our research with the rest of the world. We’re also always happy to custom make pieces that are inspired by any number of classic designs at a fraction of the price. Here are 5 designer engagement rings that are really making waves.

1. The Tacori Dantela Ring

tacori dantela

This ring combines some of this year’s biggest engagement ring trends: the halo, the impressively intricate side view, and the delicate lines and prongs. The diamond halo has a very soft and fine shape that gives the center diamond maximum room to shine. The diamond pave band is beveled in a similar way, which gives the ring a refined, feminine feel. You can find versions of this ring in platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. This engagement ring can be made in an astounding variety of ways. No matter what shape your center stone is, the Dantela ring can be made for it.

2. The Adonis Rose Ring by De Beers

de beers adonis rose

The Adonis Rose collection comprises many different types of jewelry pieces, but the engagement ring is really something to write home about. The threaded pave diamonds give this ring a very floral feel, while the marquise diamonds mimic the leaves of a rose. Marquise diamonds have been considered very passé for a long time, but this single collection has created a demand for this antique diamond shape and rediscovered its purpose.


3. The Harry Winston Emerald Cut

Harry Winston Emerald Cut

As the antique and vintage looks have taken over in the world of engagement rings, Harry Winston’s classic emerald-cut engagement rings have remained a favorite for those with a sentimental heart. If you have an internally flawless diamond, then it may as be emerald cut, because this is the best way to show it off. Most people prefer it flanked by the tapered baguettes, rather than as a simple solitaire.


4. Verdura Twin Blades Solitaire Ring

Verdura blades ring

This ring looks best when set with a round brilliant diamond that has a minimum weight of 1.5 carats. The band of intertwined pave diamonds is a perfect metaphor for the intertwining of two souls and of two families. It has a magnificent grace when rotated from side to side as its family of diamonds sparkle in the light.


5. The Graff Fancy Colored Diamond Ring

Graff Fancy Intense Blue

The past decade has brought a flurry of interest in very specifically untraditional wedding rings. However, none has been more popular than the fancy-colored diamond engagement ring. Fancy colored diamonds have been all the rage, and almost no one has been collecting them more voraciously than Laurence Graff. Not only has he made it cool to wear a fancy colored diamond ring, but he’s also successfully increased the popularity of untraditional diamond shapes.

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  1. Petunia Evans
    Petunia Evans says:

    These are definitely some beautiful engagement rings, I especially loved the “Graff Fancy Colored Diamond Ring”. I had no idea that colored diamond rings could look so beautiful. I would love to have one that is light pink or green. Thank you so much for these beautiful ring ideas!


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