Spring Jewelry Trends

2016’s Hottest Spring Jewelry Trends

When people talk about new spring jewelry trends, you can’t help but wonder how new any of it can be. It seems as though fashion trends are always recycling themselves from year to year and from season to season. One day it’s chunky statement jewelry, the next it’s fine, delicate, minimalist jewelry. We love to pull vintage and antique themes from the past, and then we presuppose what we assume the looks of the future will be. That said, this spring really has brought on some truly unique styles that are sure to inspire the fashionista in all of us. If you’re looking to spruce up your jewelry box, here are the spring jewelry trends that you might want to incorporate in your new spring ensembles.

Industrial Jewelry

This spring is all about a very raw industrial look. From large chain links attached by pad locks, to ball and chain earrings, to perforated metal bracelets. Now before you start thinking that this look harkens a dystopian future that was already beaten to death in the 90s, it’s important to consider how these pieces are complemented sartorially. If you are going to wear a piece of heavy, industrial jewelry, remember to pair it with an outfit that is made from light, delicate fabric. These kinds of pieces look great with white chiffon, a baby blue silk blouse, or a pastel cashmere sweater.

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New Bodily Horizons

This spring, all of the major designers are attaching jewelry pieces all over the body in ways that are very new for Western culture. We’re used to earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, and for a short while in the 90s, we got a little more experimental. However, this year’s spring jewelry trends are expanding upon those 90s explorations with anklets, toe rings and belly necklaces, and we’re seeing ring and bracelet combos, necklaces that criss-cross the torso from shoulder to hips, and delicate chains that wrap around the body and attach at the sternum.

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Gilded Headbands

Traditionally, we’re used to looking at headbands as an accessory, and tiaras as fine, if not gaudi jewelry pieces. However, this season we’re seeing something that falls between the two. These headpieces run a wide gamut that is at times dainty, and at other times downright unwieldy. Either way, if you’ve always wanted to get more creative with the way you decorate your head, now is the time to let your imagination run buck wild!

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Showstopping Earrings

Earring trends are always growing and shrinking, but never before have we seen them get so loud and explore so many textures and materials. All the top designers these days are creating earpieces that are meant to be the centerpiece from which the rest of the outfit is assembled. This is a sort of backwards design when it comes to planning one’s outfit, so it might feel counterintuitive at first. But when you get your hands on a really great pair of loud, trendy earrings, you’ll immediately start shopping for the rest.  

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