diamond appraisal

The Importance Of Getting An Accurate Diamond Appraisal

The simple answer to why you want an accurate diamond appraisal is that you want to know that you are getting the most money for the diamond you are selling, or that you are getting the best deal for a diamond your are buying. Indeed, diamond appraisal is a key part of the diamond buying and selling process. There are also a few other reasons why getting an accurate diamond appraisal is so important. In the diamond industry, false appraisals are not uncommon.

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loose diamond dealer

The Benefits Of Going To A Loose Diamond Dealer

In the past, your local brick-and-mortar jewelry store was was where almost everyone bought their loose diamonds. Not only was this the most trusted source, but it was also the most convenient – a one-stop shop where you could buy your jewelry and your diamond, have it appraised and set into the jewelry piece all at once. However, these days people are finding that the most affordable and trustworthy source for loose diamonds is an online loose diamond dealer. This is because a great number of checks and balances have been put in place to eliminate theft and fraud, and online listing services are making a much wider variety of diamonds available to the broader public at significantly lower prices. Here are the benefits of going to a loose diamond dealer.

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metal wedding bands

How To Choose The Right Metal For Your Wedding Bands

Designing your own engagement ring can be a challenging process, because how do you know if you are choosing the right metal for your wedding bands? Until you see the final product, it can be hard to visualize what something will look like. This is why customization is so tricky. When done right, customization can yield some amazing results, but it is important to have a few pointers so that you don’t go down the wrong design path. Here are some pointers for choosing the right metal for your wedding bands.

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diamonds more than engagement rings

Diamonds Can Tell Us Secrets About the World

Big sparkling diamond engagement rings looks great on a ring finger, and they say a lot about the person who chooses to wear one – as well as the person who gave the ring. But what do diamond engagement rings say about the world? More specifically, what can diamonds tell us about the natural phenomena of the world around us? You would be surprised to learn that diamonds can teach us a lot of things. 

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loose diamonds

Some Diamond Buying Tips From The Experts

In previous articles, we’ve offered some buying tips for loose diamonds that can help you make a smarter purchase, but what about the tips that experts offer to each other? Indeed, the diamond industry is shrouded in mystery and many of the expert tips you get will be beneficial to the seller of the diamond and not the customer. However, there are some tidbits of advice that will help you, the customer, make an even smarter buying decision. If you want to avoid getting hit with a scam, it is important to heed this advice. Here are some diamond buying tips from the experts.

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asscher cut diamond

NADB Predicts The Comeback Of The Asscher Cut Diamond

If you were a princess, you may go for a princess cut diamond, but if you are the sister of a princess, you may go for an Asscher cut diamond. Indeed, the Asscher cut, which is a diamond cut in a brilliant octagonal shape, is currently going through a bit of a craze thanks to the sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – otherwise known as Princess Kate. Her younger sister Pippa stepped out over the weekend wearing her four carat Asscher cut engagement ring, which was given to her by her hedge fund manager turned fiancé, James Matthews.

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