Second Anniversary Gift Ideas

Great Second Anniversary Gift Ideas

Whether you’re looking for second anniversary gift ideas for him or for her, the second year is traditionally all about cotton, but in recent years it is also celebrated with fine china. There are a number of contemporary and traditional second anniversary gift ideas for both sexes, so if you really want to make your anniversary special, here are some great second anniversary gift ideas.

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bridal fashion week

Bridal Fashion Week: Top Trends Of 2015

This year’s bridal fashion week was bigger than ever. The Bridal industry has been booming for some time now, but it’s still going from strength to strength year upon year. And 2015 was no exception. We saw some stunning new collections from all of the biggest names such as Amsale, Christos, Vera Wang and Angel Sanchez. Here are some of the top bridal fashion week trends that we saw on the runways this year, so if you’re planning that special day, be sure to keep your eyes glued to the page.

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spot a fake diamond

How The Professionals Spot A Fake Diamond

There is a good chance that you have seen a man or woman hunched over a desk, peering at a teeny diamond through a little looking glass. What are they looking for and what is that thing they are looking through? ­ – They are taking a deep look into the diamond to make sure it is real. Oh and they are using what is called a loupe.

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november birthstones

Citrine & Topaz: The Story Behind November’s Birthstones

If you were born in November, then you’re lucky, because you were born in one of those few months that offer more than one stone to choose from. Indeed, November is the month for citrine and topaz. Of course, you could choose your favorite, or you could wear both. If you know someone special who is a November baby, you could even custom design a jewelry piece that features both stones. After all, both stones are beautiful and complement each other very well. Here’s the story behind each November birthstone.

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